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Drink Drive Lawyer
If you find yourself on this website it’s likely you’re worried about a drink driving or traffic offence.

Relax.  We can help.  Road Legal Ltd is a legal service operated by Alistair Haskett, an expert traffic and drink driving lawyer.

At Road Legal we are committed to achieving superior outcomes for all clients.  Rest assured, at law there are many defences to drink driving and traffic cases and there are a number of ways to avoid conviction, avoid or minimise disqualification, and reduce sentences.

Alistair is a leading expert in drink drive law.  Information about his expertise and experience is available online and on request for verification.  We will happily be compared to any lawyer specialising in this area of law.  We are confident that you will not find better and that Alistair can advance the best defence and achieve the best possible outcome.

Don’t feel all is lost because you have been charged with drink driving.  Many thousands of drink driving cases have been successfully defended over the years.  See our page on defences for ways in which drink driving cases can be successfully defended and our results page for more than 100 examples of Alistair’s successful results.

Alistair is also widely considered to be a leading expert in traffic law and has a particular interest in careless, dangerous or reckless driving and serious crash cases.  Information about these areas of specialisation can be found on our dangerous driving and serious crashes pages.

Call Alistair now on 0800 DRINK DRIVING LAWYER (0800 534253).  We can help guide you through any driving related charges under the Land Transport Act, Crimes Act and related legislation, such as:

• excess breath alcohol • excess blood alcohol • drunk driving / EBA / DIC / DUI •

• refusing a blood test • drugged driving • driving while incapable •

• alcohol interlock offences • zero alcohol licence offences • limited licence offences •

• refusing to accompany • failing to stop •

• reckless driving • dangerous driving • careless driving • aggravated careless use •

• driving while disqualified • sustained loss of traction • boy racer offences • speeding •

• motor manslaughter • injury and death offences • serious crashes or accidents • hit and run •

• heavy transport compliance • log book offences • RUC offences • insecure loads •

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