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ROAD LEGAL is a legal service operated by Alistair Haskett, a leading traffic and drink driving lawyer.  We provide expert advice and representation in traffic cases throughout all Auckland courts and nationwide by arrangement.

Alistair is a vastly experienced traffic and drink drive lawyer.  He works tirelessly to achieve the very best possible outcomes for clients.  Alistair is arguably the best and most successful traffic and drink driving lawyer in New Zealand.

If you’re serious about protecting your rights and interests then call Alistair now on 0800 DRINK DRIVE LAWYER (0800 374653) or 0800 ROAD LEGAL (0800 762353).  Read on for more about us.

Reasons to call 0800 Drink Drive Lawyer

  1. Free initial telephone consultation, followed by convenient telephone advice or meeting as required.
  2. Expert service from Alistair, a leading traffic and drink drive lawyer with a high win rate.
  3. Personal service by Alistair, not by a junior or subcontracted lawyer.
  4. Direct service without you needing a contract with an instructing solicitor, unlike most traffic lawyers.
  5. Proven track record, helping thousands of clients throughout New Zealand.  Over 90% win rate in 2023.
  6. Compassionate, we understand the stress clients are under.
  7. Honesty, we’ll tell you how it is and won’t overstate things.
  8. Hard working and innovative, to be the best traffic and drink drive lawyer.
  9. Down to earth, no legal jargon.
  10. Reasonable fees for superior service.

High Success Rate Defending Drink Driving & Traffic Offences

Alistair has a high success rate in defending hundreds of drink driving and traffic cases.  In 2023 Alistair had a win rate of over 90% in drink driving trials, and 2024 is seeing new novel defences being run by Alistair that other lawyers are not across.  

See examples of over 100 successful cases Alistair has done.  Other lawyers you will find online do no or very few defended trials on drink driving charges.  Some simply subcontract clients’ trials to other less experienced lawyers or have a large percentage of guilty pleas and verdicts.

Alistair has also achieved many impressive sentencing results in cases where the client decided to enter a guilty plea, helping clients avoid prison and other restrictive sentences.

This high success rate is a result of years of experience, fighting hard for clients.  We don’t sell clients out or advise them to plead guilty or be sentenced without canvassing all appropriate options.  There are many ways to avoid conviction, avoid or minimise disqualification, and reduce sentences.

Leading Drink Driving Lawyer & Traffic Expert

Here’s a bit of information to demonstrate the experience we can offer:

Judges recognise our traffic law expertise

  • Judges recognise Alistair as a leading drink driving lawyer and have commented that Alistair:

is “the best drink drive lawyer in Auckland” (2011);

“knew the area of law relating to drink-driving extremely well” (2009);

is a “very experienced and competent defence lawyer” (2017);

“you will not get a better example of how it is done” (2017); and

“Mr Haskett is known to take a very firm view as to the rights of his clients to have the charge proved against them properly” (2019)

Media reports and commentary on drink driving and traffic cases

New Zealand Law Society adopt our legal submissions

  • The New Zealand Law Society’s Criminal Law Committee has said it “is very supportive of [Alistair’s] view” on drink drive law reform.
  • The New Zealand Law Society has adopted Alistair’s legal submissions across a significant part of its submissions made to Parliament.  Click to see in 2012 and 2014.

Auckland District Law Society lawyer training

  • The Auckland District Law Society Inc has invited Alistair to present traffic law seminars to other drink driving lawyers.

Legal researchers and commentary

  • Legal research and training companies LexisNexis NZ and Legalwise Seminars have invited Alistair to present seminars to other drink driving lawyers, judges and prosecutors.
  • A search of Westlaw NZ’s case law database in 2017 showed that among other specialist traffic and drink drive lawyers in Auckland Alistair averaged over 9 times more officially reported cases and over 4 times more unreported cases over the last ten years (these are not all cases lawyers act on but do tend to be cases where significant issues are raised or that have most precedential value).
  • Alistair was involved in about 10% of all the leading cases on exclusion of evidence under s 30 of the Evidence Act 2006 that were cited in a search of Westlaw NZ’s commentary in 2015.  That’s a high percentage when you consider some 3,000 lawyers practice in criminal law.

Lawyers recognise our drink driving and traffic law expertise

  • Specialist traffic lawyers recognise Alistair has a leader in traffic law and consult him frequently about their drink drive and traffic cases.
  • Other defence lawyers have hired Alistair to do cases for them personally and for their clients and family members.
  • Crown lawyers have commented to judges that Alistair is the best drink driving lawyer, with one lawyer in 2020 describing novel defences run by Alistair as “genius”.
  • Alistair consulted on the case of Birchler v New Zealand Police, the leading successful Supreme Court case in New Zealand on procedural defences to drink driving.

Police recognise our expertise

  • Senior police at Police National Headquarters have recommended Alistair to other police officers who have been charged with offences.
  • Numerous police prosecutors have recommended Alistair to friends and other police officers who have faced offences.  That includes police prosecutors calling Alistair when they have been processed at a booze themselves and one former prosecutor saying this when seeking help for a family member in 2021: "You are the best in the business. How do I know this?  I use to work for Police Prosecutions".
  • Police officers whom Alistair has cross-examined in cases have also come to Alistair for help afterwards, when they or their family members have been charged with offences.
  • The New Zealand Police has also given Alistair the ultimate compliment on several occasions, by changing police forms and procedures to address novel defences.  This includes police reviewing privacy and safety measures for motorists.  A senior police officer’s email to sergeants dealing with this commenced “alright guys, we lost another recently – I am tired of all this…”.

Experienced drink driving lawyer and traffic expert

  • Alistair has made thousands of court appearances for clients, appearing in over 50 different courts from Kaikohe to Invercargill.
  • This includes Alistair appearing in dozens of appeals, in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court.  Successful appeals include cases on drink drive procedures; breach of rights; unlawful arrest; unlawful search; invalid warrants; police entrapment; assault by police; and, trespass by police.

Outstanding results defending drink driving and traffic offences

  • Results from more than 100 successful cases are summarised here, which include a number of defences not previously run by other traffic and drink driving lawyers.
  • Testimonials from a number of clients are also cited here, saying things like: “the prosecution seemed stumped”; “I’m fairly certain you discovered something that other lawyers have not noticed before”; “you’re a fighter and the world needs more people like you”; “I’m still blown away by the outcome”; and, “arguably the best defence lawyer ever”.

More details can be provided on request.


Best results don’t just happen!  Call Alistair now on 0800 DRINK DRIVE LAWYER (0800 374653) or 0800 ROAD LEGAL (0800 762353). For more information see our pages on defences, penalties, offences and results.

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