Heavy Transport / Trucking Lawyer

Heavy Transport / Trucking Lawyer

If you’re in the transport industry you’ll be all too aware that the industry is subject to compliance with many rules under the likes of the Land Transport Act, Road User Charges Act, Carriage of Goods Act, Health and Safety at Work Act, and the Resource Management Act.  You’ll also be aware of difficulties that can arise with the CVIU, NZTA, WorkSafe, and other agencies.  You’ll probably also be aware that there are various rules on strict, absolute and vicarious liability.

Navigating this area is not easy and errors or accidents do happen.  When things go wrong it’s important to minimise the damage.  Non-compliance or a conviction for breaching transportation and related laws can have significant consequences for transport companies, owners and drivers.

ROAD LEGAL ® is a legal service operated by lawyer Alistair Haskett.  We can provide legal advice and representation on transportation law matters in Auckland and nationwide by arrangement.

Alistair has significant knowledge of transportation law and the industry, as both a lawyer and a former owner/operator and driver of B-trains, 40ft artics and other heavy motor vehicles.  It is likely that Alistair is the only lawyer in New Zealand with direct experience as a transport operator running staff and dealing with work hour restrictions, logbook rules, endorsements, secure load requirements, weight and dimension restrictions, road user charges, dangerous goods, and other rules.  Alistair’s legal knowledge and practical experience of the transport industry gives him a unique perspective and insight on compliance issues.

Alistair can be contacted on 0800 ROAD LEGAL (0800 762353) about any driving, heavy transport, resource management, or health and safety prosecution or compliance issue.

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