Limited / Work Licences

Limited / Work Licences

If you have been disqualified from driving you may well be able to obtain a limited licence (sometimes called a ‘work licence’). There are, however, several circumstances that prohibit a person from applying for a limited licence. Many people may also not qualify for a limited licence because of the ability to use alternative transport, such as buses or trains.

It pays to check the likelihood of obtaining a limited licence before pleading guilty to an offence. Your job may depend on it. If for some reason you may have difficulty obtaining a limited licence that would be an added reason to consider whether to defend the charge. Many people will qualify for a limited licence however, checking it out first will give you some piece of mind.

If you have been disqualified for exceeding 100 demerit points you should be able to apply for a limited licence straight away. Other types of disqualification come with a 28 day stand down period before a limited licence can take effect. If that applies to you, again check out the prospects of defending the charge and/or try to sort out transport arrangements with your employer and family before your court appearance.

If you need a limited licence we can help. We can draft a licence application to suit your particular needs. Online forms may not ask all the right questions or meet your needs.

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