Other Traffic Offences

Other Traffic Offences

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There are many other traffic and infringement offences contained in the Land Transport Act 1998 and a number of other enactments – such as driving while disqualified, sustained loss of traction and other boy racer offences.

Even if the matter appears minor you should consider the possible consequences, such as disqualification or suspension from driving and the impact that may have on your work or family life.

Many traffic and infringement offences come with demerit points. If you have 100 or more demerit points in effect in any 2 year period you can expect to receive a 3 month driving suspension.

ROAD LEGAL ® can help with any traffic or infringement offence. It is possible to defend these types of charges or mitigate the penalty. We can also advise you on getting a limited licence, commonly called a ‘work licence’, to keep you on the road for work and other essential purposes.

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